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I'm very flexible, let's discuss.

Okay so while it's cool to do the splits this isn't really what we mean by flexibility. Having a good level of flexibility plays a vital part in our health and everyday routine. Ever worn a really tight pair of jeans then tried to tie your shoe laces! Exactly. But more that that, reaching down to pick something up, leaning over the table, climbing over a fence (not an everyday activity for all of us granted) but you get my point. Taking 5 minutes each day to work through your flexibility can have a huge advantage on your life, and while that 5 minutes sitting on the floor fighting to reach for your toes may not seem that fun, you wait until that £50 falls out of your pocket on the windiest day of the year in the woods (It could happen). You could invest in a wallet, or invest 5 minutes on yourself and take a stretch! Have an amazing day!

Happy August!

Keep Shining <3

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